The standard tuning for a guitar is:

6th string (the fat one) E
5th string A
4th string D
3rd string G
2nd string B
1st string (the thin one) e


One way to tune your guitar is to play a note on a piano or keyboard (if you have one available) and then try to match the tone by ear. This is a good way to get your guitar tuned to 440 HZ (A above middle C on the piano). It is a good way to train your ear too. And having a good ear is important for any musician.


Now if you want to be really old fashioned, you can use the good old tuning fork! Get the one that is 440 HZ or A above middle C. You can pick one up in most piano or music stores. If nothing else, have fun with it, and impress your friends. But getting down to business, the tone from this tuning fork corresponds to the 5th string on your guitar.


Now you are asking....."I got the 5th string tuned, so how the heck to I tune the other strings?" Here is the procedure!

Press down the 6th string at the 5th fret and you will get an A note. This should correspond to the open 5th string. If not, turn those tuning pegs until it does! Now the 5th string at the 5th fret should equal the 4th string (D), and the 4th string at the 5th fret should equal the 3rd string (G), and the 2nd string at the 5th fret should equal the 1st string (E).
Now, you are asking....."What about the 3rd string?". Getting to that! The 3rd string must be fretted (held down) at the 4th fret in order for it to equal the 2nd string (B).

YES! Modern technology to the rescue! There is a beautiful device called a Guitar Tuner! I definitely recommend to invest in one of these. Most run by AC & DC power, and have a 1/4 jack you can plug your guitar into if your guitar has a pickup. This devise makes tuning very easy, and can tell you precisely which string (or strings) are out of tune. Also, it makes it easy for you to be in tune with other musicians, by giving a standard reference point. And most of all, it makes it easier to tune in noisy surroundings because you don't have to hear the notes, the tuner "hears" them for you. Here is a picture of the tuner I use. There are many different brands and prices, but they all work the same. (Just a note too, if you get into other guitar tunings, this devise can help you tune to all of them).

GUITAR TUNER - We sell a similar brand $8.95

Click on the real.gif or the to hear the note to tune to,
be sure your sound is turned up.

Low E A D G B High E







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